Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Christchurch A&P Show 2014

This year, I have been lucky enough to ride show ponies for the Bailey Family. I have competed throughout the season, in numerous A&P shows riding the ponies; Amberleigh Gold Touch and Amberleigh Spring Cup. The show I am going to talk about is Christchurch A&P Show.

I went to ride "Janey" and "Lilly" everyday of the week so they would keep up the good work. I got to stay the night at the grounds most nights, which was an awesome experience! As the days were coming and going, I was getting more and more nervous. I didn't get a chance to ride on Wednesday which was good in a way because I had a good chance to look around and prepare for the big days.

On Thursday, I just rode Lilly. She was really good for me. We placed 1st in our open, and 4th in paced and mannered. She also got Champion Novice B Pony which I was really happy with. It was Lilly's first time at the show, and she did really well!

On the last day: Friday, I was really nervous. It was Janey's turn this time. I had to get up early as my first class started at 8:30. I walked Janey over to the Issac arenas getting even more nervous. My first class was my open. I rode as best as I could, hoping I would win my first class. The judge really liked me. Janey did what I wanted, and we came out on top. This then carried me on to the Champion judging which I won, and got the sash and a lovely trophy. The judge then told me I was legible to compete in the Supreme Pony class. I trotted out of the ring with a grin on my face. I completed my other classes, and waited for supreme. A judge then signaled to me to come in.

I walked in, with the other legible ponies by my side. The judges got us to line up and complete a workout. This included a little bit of each movements to show off to the judges. I was last to do the workout. Once I had finished, I walked back to the line. While the judges collaborated, I said a friendly hello to the other competitors. We waited in suspense for the winning number to be called. "505, can you please walk forward." I couldn't believe that Janey and I were supreme pony 2014. It was very exciting! I collected my sash, and trophy. Photographers took heaps of pictures while I froze, smiling.
What a fantastic experience. Hopefully I ride for the Baileys next year!

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