Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Found Poem

Influenza Epidemic

December 1918,
soldiers returning,
over 8,000 people died,
disaster forget the horror,
Influenza infection in spain,
spread so rapidly,
soldiers returning from the trenches,
isolated parts of the world,
troop ships returning,
100 other crew members were ill,
in need of hospital care,
department of health,
avoid catching the virus,
keeping out of contact with others,
no flu vaccinations available,
influenza was on the lungs,
hard to breath,
not enough oxygen,
purple and black colour,
in fumes,
clear their lungs,
not provided to be effective,
spread the infection,
one half of the population,
was infected with the flu,
military camps,
soldiers crammed together,
had higher death rates,
doctors and nurses,
medical supplies,
run low,
emergency hospitals,
soup kitchens,
unable to help themselves.

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